Feroza Begum is Successful Selling Vegetable


When Feroza Begum of Kalapara heard about the Fael Khair Program she enrolled immediately. Prior to that she and her husband had a very hard time getting their business from the ground.
Thanks to Rehabilitation Program’s interest free loan she received a loan of BDT 10,000 from the Kalapara branch.
She used this loan to start a vegetable business. She started new life with her own capital. Now she is getting good profit. With this money she was able to marry her three daughters and also she was able to send her son to university.

Shahida Begum Defeated poverty through Betel Leaf cultivation


International helping organization Muslim Aid Bangladesh running Fael Khair Program (interest free micro credit program) funded by Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in Bagerhat Sadar Branch.

Shahida Begum is a Micro credit beneficiary of that program. She lives in a village named Badekara Para in Bagerhat Sadar upazilla under Bagerhat District. Her husband Nakib Nazimuddin was a poor farmer with small pieces of land. His poor income from the land leads him through the poverty. They have three daughters but they couldn’t care them properly. When they were serious in trouble that moment Shahida heard about Muslim Aid service charge free loan program and got admitted herself into a Microfinance Program’s samity (code no.-10) in her village Badekara Para on 05.07.2009. Four (04) weeks later she took loan amount of Tk.15, 000 from Muslim Aid Bangladesh Bagerhat Sadar branch office. The amount she used for betel leaf gardening with his husband assistance and experience. After few days the garden turned into a beautiful garden. First time she earned TK.20,000 form betel leaf selling. After one year she took more loan amount of TK. 20,000. She received total amount of loan TK. 140,000. Day by day they are expanding their betel leaf field. Each and every month they earn 15,000 to 18,000 Tk. Day by day their income is increasing from betel leaf selling. By this time they have given marriage of their two daughters. Their younger daughter is the student of accounting honour’s at PC College. They Installed a tube-well & sanitary latrine at her home. Now they are very happy. Shahida said that the changes are achieved by the grace of almighty Allah and the help of Muslim Aid service charge free loan. She thanks to Muslim Aid Bangladesh & IDB for their benevolent activities.

Lubna Akhter became solvent by doing business


Lubna Akhter is one of the successful members of IDB-IBF Fael Khair Ago Inputs Program. She is a member of Amtoli unit of Barguna district with a member number of 5981. She received an amount of BDT 10,000 for the first time from Fael Khair Agro Inputs Program implemented by Islami Bank Foundation for doing business. She started a venture of flexi load (recharging mobile) and Bkash (mobile money transfer). She took quard again with an amount of BDT 16,000 and expand her business by adding computer and photo shop. After returning her quard she received another quard with an amount of BDT 25,000 for the third time and bought a camera. She took another quard with an amount of BDT 30,000 for the fourth time and bought a photocopy machine. Her business became famous in very short time which increased her income tremendously. Lubna Akhter’s family now in full mode of happiness. She maintained her 4 member family along with her son and daughter’s education.
As Lubna Begum’s speech “I am benefited by taking quard from Fael Khair Agro Inputs Program of Islami Bank Foundation”. She prays to Allah from her heart to progress and success of the professionals of this project.

Monwara Begum finds the light of success by Sugarcane Cultivation


Monwara Begum wife of Kanchan Mollik, inhabitant of Andarmanik village of Mathbaria upazila of Pirojpur district, became solvent by cultivating sugarcane. Cyclone Sidr took away her cows and poultry and destroyed her agricultural field and trees severely. At that time, she became member of Hazrat Khadiza center with an ID 1744 under Mathbaria Fael Khair agro-inputs program implemented by Islami Bank Foundation. She received her first loan with an amount of BDT 15000 on 5th February 2013. After successful return, she took again BDT 20000 for second time for agriculture on 10th December 2013. She also took another term with an amount of BDT 28000 for agriculture on 25th October 2014. At last, she again received an amount of BDT 30000 for the 4th time for the same purpose. At the end, she earned a profit of BDT 105000 after deducting cost and all expanses. She thought she could expand her sugarcane cultivation and earn more on upcoming future and hope to continue her life happily after bearing all her family expanses.
The success of Monwara Begum and her husband appraised by the villagers and to show her success Mathbaria unit in-charge of Islami Bank Foundation Mohammad Ali Azam. He took picture of her sugarcane and exchange of greetings. During their visit Monwara and her husband told, “When nobody besides us after cyclone Sidr’s massive devastation Islami Bank Foundation gave us quard without taking any interest. So, all of our family member make our dua to Allah for those who helped us in our bad time.” They also told, “They are very grateful to the all staff of that institution.”

Marufa Begum find her way by Islami Bank Foundation


Fahima Begum, from Kharakanda village of Pathorghata upazila of Barguna district, passed her life with her family in happiness. Cyclone Roanu destroyed her house and agriculture. After losing all her earning tools she became hopeless and had a major financial crisis. She passed her daily life very hardly depending on her husband’s one source of income. It was very tough to continue her daily expanses along with her children. Marufa came to know about the Fael Khair Agro Input Program which is implemented by Islami Bank Foundation and financed by Islamic Development Bank Pathorghata unit of Barguna district. She did not hesitate to admit herself to be member of center 37. Her member number is 5859.
Marufa received with an amount of BDT 10, 000 for the first time for business. She bought a tailoring machine and few cloths. She made different types of dresses and earning money by selling them to the dwellers. Her income is helping her husband. Other cyclone Roanu victims are also getting help from Islami Bank Foundation and become solvent.
Marufa Begum told that, “Many people like me benefited by taking loan from Islami Bank Foundation after cyclone Roanu”.

Rabeya Begum lightens by Fish Culture

Name of the Project: Fish Culture
Name of the Stakeholder: Rabeya Begum
Husband Name: Mofizul
Village: Mithabari
Police Station: Tala
District: Satkhira


Rabeya Begum belongs to three children and her old mother-in-law in the family. Hand to mouth situation was the regular phenomenon in her family. In this situation her husband leased some land from others and started fingerling culture with good taka care. Just looking for the days it’s turned to the fish with appearing hopes. But it was the irony of fate in 2009 the devastating cyclone Aila demolished their dreams and they fall into the darkness. It was deeming the education of their children. In this situation they didn’t get any assistance from the riches of their village. At the moment Mofizul hard Muslim Aid an Non-Government Organization (NGO) formed samity at Mofizul’s house in Mithabari to sanction interest free loan funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to the Aila victims to reform their capacity. He admitted her wife Rabeya as a member of that samity and received loan Tk. 20,000. With the amount he started again fish culture. First time he gained neat profit Tk. 50,000 from the business. Simultaneously he received Tk. 137,000 and expanded his business. Now he has 14 Bigha of watery land for fish culture. Rabeya always helps her husband. He cultivates Shrimps and other fresh water fishes in his farms. He has about Tk. 800,000 worth’s fish in his farm. The branch manager Tala branch Md. Tajuddin Ahmed informed each and every months Mofizul’s neat earning is Tk. 25,000 – 30,000. Following Mofizul’s success, many people of Satkhira started fish culture. Mofizul informed if Muslim Aid continue his support to them, poor people of the society will be solvent soon.

ChinaraBegum Change the Days by Chick Rearing

Name of the Project: Poultry Bird Rearing
Name of the Stakeholder: Chinara Begum
Husband Name: Siddique
Village: Ratandi
Police Station: Galachipa
District: Patuakhali


Four children’s mother Chinara begum belongs to Ratandi village, GalachipaUpazilla of Patuakhali Zilla was a poor housewife. Her husband Siddique was poor farmer with small piece of land. It was very tough to maintain his family from the earnings of the land. They were passing their days with depression and finding the sources to overcome the situation but money is the great factor. On that time Muslim Aid’s interest free loan funded by Islamic Development Bank came to them as a reactor of the vulnerability.Chinara and Siddique decided to collect the loan from Muslim Aid, so Chinara admitted her on 19 December 2012 at Muslim Aid samity of Galachipa Branch and collected amount Tk. 10,000 to rear the Broiler Chicks beside the agricultural activities.First time she got success and started their moving to reality. Now they have extended their farm and increased the loan amount. Each and every lot Chinara Begum is rearing 400 – 500 chicks and gaining more profit. With the profit they have given marry of their children and running Flexi Load business beside the agricultural business. If Chinara Begum gets more amount then she will make her firm in a large. She is thankful to Muslim Aid FaelKhair Program to help them to come out from poverty.

Improved life of Moriom Begum through Power Tiller

Moriom Begam is a poor landless woman farmer. She was leading a very miseries life with family members. She has one son and one daughter who read in class-IV and class-II. Her husband is a young farmer of aged 32 years and lives on share cropping and selling daily labour. She read up to class VI. Her husband is a poor farmer by profession and she is a house wife and helps her husband in different agriculture works. Due to SIDR, her agricultural equipments like spade, plough, yolks etc. were totally damaged. Her husband was fully unemployed at that time. Then she was seeing darkness what to do and how to survive.

She was working different houses as maid servant to survive and her husband was unemployed due to lack of work in the area. Even, she had no capital to recover her damages and losses and also involve her husband in other activity. She went to VOSD office and discussed with one of the VOSD staff for help and VOSD selected her as a participant for FKP program through survey considering her damages and losses due to SIDR. She received a loan amounting Tk.20,000/- from VOSD without interest for agriculture equipment. She invested the money to purchase a Power Tillers adding more Taka. Her husband fully involved with ploughing with Power Tiller in the project areas on hire basis at peak season and he was lucky that he got many orders for ploughing lands in the areas. From the power tiller use, her husband earns around Tk.8,000/- per month excluding all expenses. From the profit, she returns loan instalment and bears family expenses. She also saves some money from the income. She takes very much careful to use the power tiller that her husband can use these for the following years. Now she has returned full loan amount, saved Tk.15,000/-. She is running family well. Here son and daughter are going to school regularly. Gradually her income is increasing and her savings also increasing. She has recovered her damages and losses. Now she is the owner of one power tiller and her husband is plough lands regularly. So, their poverty has removed and improved family economic condition. Now she is honoured by the villagers. Her husband also loves her much. She is now happy with her husband and son. She is very much thankful to VOSD and FKP/IDB for providing the interest free loan and changing her fate. She advises other poor farmer women to communicate with VOSD to participate FKP to improve lives.

أفروجا تستعمل قرض برنامج إعادة التأهيل في شراء بقرة حلوب

تركت السيدة أفروجا بيغوم (البالغة من العمر 32 سنة) المدرسة في الصف العاشر، حيث كانت تعيش حتى ضربة إعصار سدر حياة فقر وعوز مع زوجها تاج الإسلام، مع أن لديهم ثلاثة أولاد في عمر الدراسة منهم صبيان في المدرسة الابتدائية وابنة في المرحلة الثانوية. فقدت أفروجا بقرتها الحلوب خلال ضربة إعصار سدر، ولم يكف عمل زوجها بالأجر اليومي الزهيد ليعيلها وأطفالها. قصدت أفروجا منظمة فوسد وحصلت منها على قرض حسن مقداره 15 ألف تكه استعملته في شراء بقرة حلوب مع عجل صغير. تحصل أفروجا كل يوم على حوالي 4 كيلوغرامات من الحليب كل يوم تبيعها بسعر 35 تكه للكيلو الواحد، وهذا يوفر لها دخلاً يومياً جيداً يكفي لسد أقساط القرض، فضلاً عن إعالتها وعائلتها وإرسال أطفالها إلى المدرسة، وهي تنتظر بلهفة اليوم الذي تفي فيه بأقساط القرض وتتم امتلاكها للبقرة والعجل.

Reviving the Cattle Business of Afroja and Her Family

Mrs. Afroja Begum is a very poor woman of 32 years old and lives with her husband Md. Tazul Islam. She read up to class IX. She has two sons and one daughter. Of her two sons, one is studying in class IV and other is in class I.  Her daughter is reading class IX. Afroja lost her milch cow by the Cyclone SIDR. Her husband is a day labour, who lived from hand to mouth by selling physical labour. Afroja helped her husband by selling cow milk. After SIDR, she could not helped her husband and she was in dark thinking to maintain family with her husband’s income, because, he was unable to bear expenses of their family. Considering her vulnerable conditions, VOSD has selected her and provided an interest free loan. The loan amount was Tk.15,000/-. With the help of loan money, she purchased a milch cow with a calf. She gets 4 kg milk a day and sells in the market Tk.35/-kg. That means, she earns Tk.130/- per day. With the sale money, she pays loan through installments. She also spends the sale money for her own and family needs. Seeing Hasina’s success, many of the villagers have now come forward to cow rearing. Hasina is thankful to VOSD and FKP for providing the interest free loan. She is seeing a very better future, because, after the return of the loan, she will be owner of cow and calf and then she could be able earn more money.