11000 people take refuge of cyclone Roanu inside Fael Khair shelters

Cyclone Roanu hit the southern coastline of Bangladesh Saturday 21-5-2016 afternoon. The speed of the wind reached about 88 km/ph. Which took out the trees in it is path, destroyed homes and killed 24 people at least. This caused the locals to leave their homes and take refuge to the nearest shelter along with their families and cattle. Part of these shelters are Fael Khair Schools/Shelters.


Cyclone Roanu path when it reached the land on 21-May-2016

Before Roanu hit the land it caused heavy rain (300mm) which caused floods and blocked the roads. This forced around 500 thousands people to leave their homes and seek nearby shelters. Part of it are Fael Khair program shelters along the path of the Cyclone in Bhola Island, Patuakali & Chittagong.


Cyclone wind speed reached 88kmph and waves about 7ft

About 24 people died and more than 140 thousands homes were destroyed. The floods covered a number of villages in low areas that are close to the shores because of the waves that reached about 7ft (2m)


More than 140 thousands homes were destroyed because of the Cyclone

In the events on 19 & 20 May the government with the help of local organisations and the Red Crescent has requested of the locals who are in the path of the cyclone to leave their homes. More than 500 thousands headed to the shelters


The locals in their way to the near Fael Khair shelters on foot


Z3-519 Char Shuvi Reg. Primary School School-cum/shelter in Bhola District, Daulatkhan Upazila


Fael Khair shelter can hold up to 2000 people along with their cattle and prized possessions like transportation (rickshaw, motorcycles.. etc) – Z3-519

Total number of people who took refuge in Fael Khair shelters is about 11000 with their cattle that reached about 3500 along with their prized possessions and rickshaw. 36 of Fael Khair shelters were opened in the event in coordination with local emergency administration in the areas that are most damaged.


Photo of some families which took refuge in Fael Khair shelter on 20-May-2016


Feel Khair shelter can hold 500 cattle. In the photo cattle tied in it is place

The Cyclone cut the electricity wires more than 5 days ago. The local wells were contaminated because of the sea water. The communication were cut because of batteries running out and the difficulties of finding fuel to power up the generators to get back communications and light.

The cyclone was a great case study to prove the design of the school-cum/shelters which were designed to host refuge with their cattle and prized possessions. The shelters used rain water for clean drinking water and solar power to generate power for the communications with the outer world and lighting through the crisis while the refuge are inside.

The following table shows the school-cum/shelters of the Fael Khair program which were used in the event of the cyclone Roanu and the number of people who took refuge with their cattle. Most of the people are back to their homes on the date this report was written. except few families which lost their homes and still in the shelters.




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