Rabeya Begum lightens by Fish Culture

Name of the Project: Fish Culture
Name of the Stakeholder: Rabeya Begum
Husband Name: Mofizul
Village: Mithabari
Police Station: Tala
District: Satkhira


Rabeya Begum belongs to three children and her old mother-in-law in the family. Hand to mouth situation was the regular phenomenon in her family. In this situation her husband leased some land from others and started fingerling culture with good taka care. Just looking for the days it’s turned to the fish with appearing hopes. But it was the irony of fate in 2009 the devastating cyclone Aila demolished their dreams and they fall into the darkness. It was deeming the education of their children. In this situation they didn’t get any assistance from the riches of their village. At the moment Mofizul hard Muslim Aid an Non-Government Organization (NGO) formed samity at Mofizul’s house in Mithabari to sanction interest free loan funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to the Aila victims to reform their capacity. He admitted her wife Rabeya as a member of that samity and received loan Tk. 20,000. With the amount he started again fish culture. First time he gained neat profit Tk. 50,000 from the business. Simultaneously he received Tk. 137,000 and expanded his business. Now he has 14 Bigha of watery land for fish culture. Rabeya always helps her husband. He cultivates Shrimps and other fresh water fishes in his farms. He has about Tk. 800,000 worth’s fish in his farm. The branch manager Tala branch Md. Tajuddin Ahmed informed each and every months Mofizul’s neat earning is Tk. 25,000 – 30,000. Following Mofizul’s success, many people of Satkhira started fish culture. Mofizul informed if Muslim Aid continue his support to them, poor people of the society will be solvent soon.