Locals Taking Refuge in Fael Khair Shelters During Cyclone Mohasen

On 17 May 2013, Cyclone Mohasen hit the southern belt of Bangladesh at 100KM/hour. The cyclone’s path was east to that of Cyclone Sidr, hitting the eastern island of Bhola on its way towards the northeast, passing by Noakhali and Feni until it crossed over the borders to the eastern states of India.


Compared to its predecessor (Cyclone Sidr), Cyclone Mohasen was far less devastating, killing a total number of 11 people (compared to at least 3,400 deaths in the case of Sidr). During this Cyclone, some of the almost-completed Fael Khair shelters were used for the first time by locals to take refuge from the cyclone. The photos below show some shots of those locals taking refuge inside shelters built by Abdul Monem (Package-1).





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