Improved life of Moriom Begum through Power Tiller

Moriom Begam is a poor landless woman farmer. She was leading a very miseries life with family members. She has one son and one daughter who read in class-IV and class-II. Her husband is a young farmer of aged 32 years and lives on share cropping and selling daily labour. She read up to class VI. Her husband is a poor farmer by profession and she is a house wife and helps her husband in different agriculture works. Due to SIDR, her agricultural equipments like spade, plough, yolks etc. were totally damaged. Her husband was fully unemployed at that time. Then she was seeing darkness what to do and how to survive.

She was working different houses as maid servant to survive and her husband was unemployed due to lack of work in the area. Even, she had no capital to recover her damages and losses and also involve her husband in other activity. She went to VOSD office and discussed with one of the VOSD staff for help and VOSD selected her as a participant for FKP program through survey considering her damages and losses due to SIDR. She received a loan amounting Tk.20,000/- from VOSD without interest for agriculture equipment. She invested the money to purchase a Power Tillers adding more Taka. Her husband fully involved with ploughing with Power Tiller in the project areas on hire basis at peak season and he was lucky that he got many orders for ploughing lands in the areas. From the power tiller use, her husband earns around Tk.8,000/- per month excluding all expenses. From the profit, she returns loan instalment and bears family expenses. She also saves some money from the income. She takes very much careful to use the power tiller that her husband can use these for the following years. Now she has returned full loan amount, saved Tk.15,000/-. She is running family well. Here son and daughter are going to school regularly. Gradually her income is increasing and her savings also increasing. She has recovered her damages and losses. Now she is the owner of one power tiller and her husband is plough lands regularly. So, their poverty has removed and improved family economic condition. Now she is honoured by the villagers. Her husband also loves her much. She is now happy with her husband and son. She is very much thankful to VOSD and FKP/IDB for providing the interest free loan and changing her fate. She advises other poor farmer women to communicate with VOSD to participate FKP to improve lives.