Reviving the Cattle Business of Afroja and Her Family

Mrs. Afroja Begum is a very poor woman of 32 years old and lives with her husband Md. Tazul Islam. She read up to class IX. She has two sons and one daughter. Of her two sons, one is studying in class IV and other is in class I.  Her daughter is reading class IX. Afroja lost her milch cow by the Cyclone SIDR. Her husband is a day labour, who lived from hand to mouth by selling physical labour. Afroja helped her husband by selling cow milk. After SIDR, she could not helped her husband and she was in dark thinking to maintain family with her husband’s income, because, he was unable to bear expenses of their family. Considering her vulnerable conditions, VOSD has selected her and provided an interest free loan. The loan amount was Tk.15,000/-. With the help of loan money, she purchased a milch cow with a calf. She gets 4 kg milk a day and sells in the market Tk.35/-kg. That means, she earns Tk.130/- per day. With the sale money, she pays loan through installments. She also spends the sale money for her own and family needs. Seeing Hasina’s success, many of the villagers have now come forward to cow rearing. Hasina is thankful to VOSD and FKP for providing the interest free loan. She is seeing a very better future, because, after the return of the loan, she will be owner of cow and calf and then she could be able earn more money.